township Small businesses

Investing in township SMEs

Thousand1000 Capital is an investment club that aims to provide a platform for like-minded young professionals to pool their money and invest in three core areas they believe will be key to unlocking value in the South African township economy.

The T1C Township SME (“TTS”) division will be investing for equity in profitable township SME’s. Our investment will provide funding and business assistance to small businesses and start-ups operating in the South African township markets that are looking to formalise and grow their operations. We are looking to not only provide financial investment but also for opportunities to partner with existing business owners looking to grow their businesses through innovation and building systems which will ensure that their businesses operate efficiently in the long run. We will also be evaluating opportunities with start-up entrepreneurs with exciting business solutions to solve problems in the township market.

  • We are looking to work with entrepreneurs who are passionate and determined to provide world class products and services within the township markets.
  • Entrepreneurs who have a clear understanding and insights into the township market through experience or thorough market research.
  • Existing businesses or business ideas which have potential for growth and profitability

In order to be considered for funding the businesses should meet the following requirements:

  • They must be atleast 80% owned by South African citizens
  • Based in any South African townships
  • Formally registered with the CIPC (businesses that are not registered will be assisted with this process)
  • They must be Micro Enterprises (i.e. employing 0-10 people; annual turnover of < 10.0 million)

Businesses applying for funding will have to complete the questionnaire on the link below. The information provided on this questionnaire will give us an indication of:

  • How well the entrepreneur knows their market
  • A description of the problem they are trying to solve and the solution which is the product or service offering.
  • An indication of what business challenges they face and how we can assist them in solving those challenges.