About Us

What is Thousand1000?

Thousand1000 Capital (Pty) Ltd is an investment club, conveyed through the incorporation of a private company. The investment club is restricted to 1000 members. Each member to the investment club will have equal shareholding in the private company. Accordingly, there will be a restriction of 1000 shareholders. Individuals who wish to become a member of this club, will be required to apply. The application process involves the use of a strict criterion, in order to ensure that those who wish to apply share a common interest with the principles underlying the constitution of the investment club. Individuals who are in accordance with the criterion will then receive an invitation to become a member of the investment club. As this investment club is conveyed through a private company, the investment intricacies and legalities will become known to this invited individual, upon agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement. There will be a full disclosure made to the invited individual before signing the Deed of Adherence to the Shareholders’ Agreement, in order to uphold the fundamental principle of full transparency.

The members of the investment club will be required to pay monthly contributions, as shareholders, for a period of 10 years. Shareholders will only receive dividends after the 10-year period. The capital used to engage in investment activities will be insourced by the shareholders. Therefore, functioning as a normal private company, rather than a collective investment scheme (in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act 45 of 2002). As mentioned above, further legal details will be disclosed to invited individuals.

If you would love to be a part of the investment, click here to apply

1000 members will become equal shareholders in the investment club, incorporated in the form of a company. The monthly contributions will be invested into residential property (20%), listed shares (30%) and small business enterprises (50%). 

We are looking for young professionals who are keen on investments as well as patient enough to invest with us for 10 years. It is vitally important that our members meet our affordability criterion as we strongly believe in a get-rich-slow methodology.

If you are an SME solving or aiming to solve an easily recognizable problem in the township market, proceed here to take our quick eligibility criterion to see if you are a match for our funding.

The platform was conceived by a team of eight young professionals that had a desire to collaborate with their peers to leverage their combined skills to create financial freedom. The team consists of 3 Accountants, 2 developers, an actuary, lawyer and a business development analyst. We look forward to growing alongside you and our money alongside yours. Meet the team here..