What if 1000 investors could make a difference?

1000 Young Professionals Investing Jointly To Develop Businesses

The goal of Thousand1000 Capital (Pty) Ltd is for 1000 young professionals to invest a fixed amount of money every month for the next 10 years. Thereafter each shareholder will be a unit holder of a well diversified portfolio of income generating assets.


Thousand1000 Capital (Pty) Ltd makes every member a shareholder and will have complete transparency with regards to how the money is used.

What we will invest in

What will we invest in?

JSE Listed Shares

We will invest in companies that are ‘Balance Sheet lazy’. These are companies with little to no debt, display consistent earnings and pay high dividends.

Residential Property

T1C will look to take advantage of the opportunity that avails itself in the family rental market as well as the student market in and around institutions of higher learning in or near townships.

Township SME’s

The biggest opportunity to date that we have identified is in the number and quality of investible opportunities that are in the informal and semi formal township sector. We look to exploit these opportunities and contribute in adding more formality and capital to this exciting space.


"It's a different energy when you look up to your circle."
Lesegisha Mthiyane
Chairman Thousand1000 Capital
“I have not been interested in bees or alternative investments until this. This might be something to get excited about”.
Kristia van Heerden
CEO JustOneLap